Thursday, January 10, 2019

City of Scottsdale Jobs - January 10, 2019

City of Scottsdale Jobs in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Community Grants Specialist
Financial Database Developer and Systems Supervisor (Systems Integration Supervisor)
Human Services Representative - Youth & Family Services
Intern - Public Information Office
Librarian III - Adult Services Coordinator
Lifeguard Head - Aquatics
Parks Maintenance Foreman - Civic Center
Police Aide
Police Officer (Laterals & Waivers)
Police Records Specialist
Pool Manager, Assistant
Railroad Engineer
Recreation Leader I
Recreation Leader II
Recreation Leader II (Adaptive Services)
SCADA Systems Apprentice
Traffic Engineer Principal
W/WW Maintenance Technician II - Water Reclamation
W/WW Utility Electrician II
Wastewater Treatment Manager
Water Meter Technician I
Water Operations Supervisor - Water Distribution/Meters
Water Services Worker II
Water Treatment Plant Operator II

Source: City of Scottsdale